Office.Info December 2013

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"I wanted to be guided by trust in myself, in other people and the world" – conceptual artist and political scientist Jeanette Müller works on transitions between science and art and focuses on the issue of trust. We interviewed her about her projects, which take the artist around the world.

You might have guessed it already: The keyword of this month’s issue is trust. But what is worthy of our trust? The leading article reviews the themes and issues the Office.Info discussed in 2013. Hopefully, this review provides a helpful guide for next year’s challenges as well.

Trust is an elementary basis for our everyday lives. It is especially important to have trust, when one decides to take on new challenges and conquer territories, formerly unknown. Find out more about how to prove competence and build trust in our article "The Ghana-Connection".

We also proudly present the Toguna Circle – a Hot Spot in the Office, meant for team work and collaboration. Trust management at its best!

Finally, some cultural entertainment for the holidays: The exhibition Glam! is a coproduction of the Tate Liverpool, the Schirn Kunsthalle and the LENTOS museum in Linz. For us, the curators created an extravagant Office.Playlist, that expresses that certain "Glam" attitude towards life. The exhibition is accompanied by an abundant catalogue – our book recommendation for December.

We will see you again in February 2014. Until then, we wish you merry holidays and all the best!

Your Office.Info Editorial Team