Office.Info November 2013

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Innovations, innovations – sound like sensations! While certain inventions have really been sensational, many are surprising. Imagine what our world would be like without them... but can brainstorms and great ideas be planned or at least encouraged under certain circumstances? We examine this question in our November edition of Office.Info where we shed significant light on the issue.

Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl from the lighting innovator Nimbus agrees with Picasso: "I do not seek. I find", he reveals in the discussion on how and where real innovations emerge. You are in for a surprise.

You will also learn more about how to place offices in the right light and what design trends are shining forth in the world of lighting.

The current Office.Playlist sends you light from an acoustic dimension through the dark before winter, which can also be very cosy. Heart-warming for anyone…

Once enlightened, we hope that you have an eventful time filled with people who live for ideas. For innovations and sensations – which could also mean sensory impressions.

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Your Office.Info Editorial Team