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Clemens Setz, shooting star in contemporary German-language literature, enjoys doing nothing on occasion, and feels lucky not to need anyone’s permission to travel anywhere. How do you feel about holidays, idleness, recuperation? We examined idleness quite closely for the summer issue of our magazine: Read about the invention of time off, the art of idleness and the right to be lazy in our leading article. By the way, have you ever heard of Oblomovism? No? Well then, go for it!

Goethe despised all types of comfort when working, because he believed that comfortable furniture makes one passive and would be counterproductive when working. The shift in work methods, the culture and furniture of sitting and more were discussed at Bene Expert Talks in Graz and Vienna – take a look at the review article for more.

Does doing nothing sound like paradise to you? You better think twice: "Paradise might be an island. So is hell", writes Judith Schalansky in her "Atlas of Remote Islands", and tells great stories about fifty islands she has only visited with her finger on a map –reading, highly recommended for idle hours.

The ESSL Museum has dedicated an entire exhibition to the warmest months of the year: "Summer paintings" shows the colours, moods and emotional states of the summer in works by modern artists. The Viennese producer mart was inspired by these images and created a Playlist for visitors of the exhibition – the perfect soundtrack for leisure time, and therefore this summers’ Office.Playlist of choice.

We wish you some idle hours with the summer edition of the Office.Info, and are looking forward to seeing you again in September!

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