Office.Info July 2014: Pause

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„I am unable to take a break“, says Marino Formenti, conductor and pianist , when describing his work. But then he adds: “A pause is probably the most important feature in music.” You might have guessed it already: this summer, we concentrate on the importance of pausing, of taking a break.

Read about what breaks are good for in our leading article. In there as well is a short introduction to sabbaticals and the surprising insight that taking a break is sometimes hard to do.

Just as hard to do is spending time at the office while the sun is shining. To help you out, we created the Bene Heat Management. A recipe for every temperature, fun included. Enjoy cool waters, white beaches and refreshing drinks…

Our new series “Work in Progress” continues with a portrait of a very summery type of worker, the intern – a new career stage which has become exceedingly popular since the turn of the millennium.

Finally, let us quote Marino Formenti one more time: “Stillness is part of music, similar as it is in life. You need moments to revive yourself.”

We wish you a very relaxing summer,

Your Office.Info editorial team

P.S.: We are taking a summer break as well. See you in September!