Office.Info May 2014

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Wanted: The best of the best. People looking for jobs tend to choose companies that are attractive, well respected, responsible and employee-oriented. For their part, employers tend to pick the best “employee grapes” from the bunch: well educated, flexible, highly motivated and “reasonable” in their demands. Companies with ambitions therefore face a challenge when looking for employees that fit the corporate profile. This Office.Info takes a closer look at the core aspects of Employer Branding – straight tips and best practices included!

Dr. Karin Krobath is a co-founder of Austria’s first employer branding agency. In our interview, she explains how employees can become brand ambassadors. “You can’t just demand identification – it has to grow naturally.” Sounds intriguing? Then read on.

When speaking about new working environments, the term “Generation Y” keeps coming up. But who are they, and what do they want? We tried to profile this “new species” for you.

Afterwards, let’s take a trip to Silicon Valley, where tech start-ups offer employees all sorts of fringe benefits to keep them motivated. Follow us to a place, where you don’t need to leave work anymore to have breakfast, see a doctor or walk your dog.

And last, but not least: Enjoy an Office.Playlist compiled by the Austrian Seewiesenfest, a festival in the middle of an idyllic nowhere, bringing together camping, music and poetry. After all, work is not all there is ;-)

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