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Office.Info November 2014

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The New: It amazes us and makes us curious. Or it causes irritation and fear. In the new edition of the Bene Office.Info, we are looking into what is the deal with the "new" and where it can lead to in the best case scenario.  We met up with Markus Peschl and Thomas Fundneider, both Knowledge and Innovation Architects. In conversation, they explain their job description, the difference between new and innovation, tell stories about spaces and methods which allow innovation, about the office as an oasis in the wilderness and so much more.

If you want to find out more about the charisma of the word "innovation", then you can find out surprising and amusing information in our "Labyrinth" article - including the root of the word. Did you know that innovation used to be mostly quite difficult? Read a short history of a big word.

Our project fits in nicely with the theme: Eric, the new Police Headquarters in Upper Austria. The innovative command centre with a Nice Wall makes the work of the officers easier in crisis situations and allows them to make the right decisions faster.

 In the article "Jobs in the 21st century", we cast our eyes ahead into the near future of career trends. Tips for the next 30 years are included. We only say this much: Pharmaceutical skills are in demand.

To be fit is important in any job. We have a slightly different blog post: a daily easy to cook recipe for a light office lunch or healthy snack in between. And daily a fitness tip for the office.

P.S.: The Office.Info was recently awarded an "Architect's Darling", which is the Oscar of the German construction sector. Happiness and motivation in one.

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