Office.Info September 2013

Trendletter Team Teamwork

A good team is capable of achieving things that a single individual could not possibly bring about on his or her own. But what makes for a good team? Ronnie Heiner did some research on the subject of teamwork – find out more in our leading article.

Ulrike Diebold, an internationally well renowned Professor for Surface Physics, seems to be quite a teamplayer herself: in an interview with Angelika Molk she tells us about the importance of teamwork in the sciences, and the requirements and rules for successful cooperation.

It takes a motivated team to organize a festival– this year, the Graz-based cultural event steirischer herbst looks at the nature of dangerous relationship cocktails, of connections which, for all their fragility, are passionate, explosive and always powerful. Our Office.Playlist presents a selection of inspiring songs from the festival’s music programme – enjoy!

A detour takes us to Moscow, where we examine three interesting coworking spaces. Finally, we visit Wintersteiger AG, the global market leader in the field testing sector. The headquarter’s new office space reflects the innovation-oriented corporate culture, where teamwork and collaboration play a leading role.

Enjoy the read, and keep collaborating!

Your Office.Info editorial team