Office.Info September 2014

Innovation Co-Creation Teamwork

Innovation is not a solo effort. But what does good teamwork require? What can we expect from it? And how can the office environment enhance teamwork and innovation? Find some answers to questions like these in our article “Co-Creating Tomorrow”.

“Co-Creating Tomorrow” is also the title of a series of Bene events. Join us in Cologne on October 21st, in Brussels on November 6th or in London on November 20th – mark your calendars and find out more about the events on our website!

How creative collaboration and innovation work in “real life”, this is something Ulli Ehrlich knows about. As chief designer and manager of the internationally known brand Sportalm, she designs fashion for the most famous catwalks and the riskiest skiing slopes alike. With us she spoke about sources of inspiration, daily challenges and the exciting effect of the colour white.

We stay in the world of fashion with our monthly case study:  the brand Lacoste has been synonymous with exclusive sport and leisure wear since the 1930s. Not so long ago, the company moved into new headquarters. Now in stock: a lot of new Bene furniture.

For our series “Work In Progress”, Marlon Schuhfleck examines the history of project management and takes us all the way back to mythical Babylon. And this month’s Office.Playlist was created by Count Basic mastermind Peter Legat.

Enjoy reading, thinking, scrolling!

Your Office.Info editorial team