Recording: ENABLING THE FLEXIBLE USE OF WORKSPACES with Prof. Kerstin Sailer Ph.D.

In this ONLINE EXPERT TALK Kerstin Sailer will introduce the idea as well as the problems of flexibility and explain the concept of activity-based working, which offers an opportunity for more flexible space use of office space.


HOW TO WORK NOW. Interview with Rosie Haslem

Rosie is director at spacelab_, a well-known creative research and design studio with extensive experience in workplace strategy and design, where she leads all research and strategy.


Recording: HOW TO WORK NOW with Rosie Haslem, director at spacelab_


Join spacelab_ director Rosie Haslem to learn about their research into what the world of work is going to look like from here on.



An online expert talk with three leading workplace experts: neuropsychologist Elke Geraerts, designer Tom Lloyd and digital champion Saskia van Uffelen.


Recording: THE WORLD IS CHANING. LEAD TOGETHER with Luke Pearson & Tom Lloyd

Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson impressively demonstrate time and time again what it is that distinguishes high-quality industrial design – being able to take knowledge about the continually changing nature of the ways we work, possibilities offered by production methods and the conditions in which we live and then intelligently applying this to new products and utilisation concepts.

In this webinar recording, designers Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd talk about the development of PORTS and the future of leadership.


LEAD TOGETHER – Interview with Pearson Lloyd

Time and again, the two design partners from London impressively demonstrate what high-quality industrial design is all about, namely cleverly transposing changing ways of working and life situations to new products and usage concepts. 10 years after the joint development of the PARCS product series, the London design studio PearsonLloyd has once again developed an innovative office concept together with Bene: PORTS.

We spoke to Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson about developing PORTS as “New Leadership Environments”.


Pearson Lloyd on “New Leadership”

Leadership and good decisions will become more precious as time and economic pressure continue to impose restrictions on business. Getting the best out of people and making environments that support natural behaviour has been key to the studio’s work for the last 20 years. In new leadership a greater up-flow of information and ideas takes place. This doesn’t diminish the need for leadership, but it makes the process more inclusive and therefore more rigorous.

We spoke to Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson about the evolution from “New Working Environments” to “New Leadership Environments”. Read for yourself:


10 YEARS PARCS – Designer interview with Tom Lloyd & Luke Pearson

In the PARCS collection, PearsonLloyd wanted to give people a real choice of space and experience, so that they were not dictating how or where people should work. They did not want to presume that they knew what would be comfortable for a particular type or length of meeting. It was more that they wanted to facilitate a different type of use, a different type of interaction, a different type of communication.


Interview with DIDI LENZ about PIXEL

For innovation, we need freedom to think and act, methodology and ultimately inspiring spaces.

STUDIO - Interview with the Designer Thomas Feichtner

Thomas Feichtner

Interview with THOMAS FEICHNTER.

With STUDIO, Thomas Feichtner has developed a modern, modular workplace system, designed to appeal particularly to people who live their individuality and creativity, even at work. We spoke to him about design in the workplace, creative currency and his childhood dream job.

Lots of my colleagues often put their own furniture together because they couldn’t find what they wanted on the conventional office furnishings market. That was my starting point. And then I just asked myself: “What furniture would I love to have in my own office?”

Creatives don’t see boundaries between work and private life, work and leisure. They’re not concerned with work-life-balance, just about “love your work”. And this group includes lots of design lovers who want to have beautiful things at home and in the office. So the dividing line between home and office is fluid. You want to feel at home.