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Nutritious choices just had to be made available for a fast in-between snack. And the search for such choices began to fascinate him.
Üblacker became increasingly interested in the concept of nutrition itself, as well as its ingredients and their effects on the body, the opportunity for a healthy and sustainable diet, and more than 15 years ago, he found his focus: "Nutrition in the workplace." Many years and trainings later, the food consultant demonstrates how to live a healthy lifestyle, and one full of vitality, in the workplace in his seminars, workshops and books.

Work consumes energy…

A healthy diet and the right nutritional strategy are the foundation for good health, vitality, and productivity. But precisely in the workplace where dedication and energy are needed, many do not follow a clear plan. Instead people rather tend to eat just enough to keep going throughout the day. Nutritional expert Reinhard-Karl Üblacker knows how to approach this differently. Using his three-week long master plan, you receive a day-by-day recipe for success: healthy, daily food portions and easy recipes and preparation instructions for quick snacks and in-between meals.

Thinking, planning, being creative – our brain requires an amazing amount of energy throughout the workday. Reinhard-Karl Üblacker is convinced that "Conscious and healthy nutrition helps your body and spirit meet the high demands of the modern professional lifestyle."

…Nutrition gives back

Employees that eat properly in the office possess more vitality, are more productive and are able to concentrate better. With his new book "Office Snack", the food consultant serves up healthy and sustainable food concepts that improve individual performance throughout the workday and are easy and efficient to put into practice. Even if you don’t have a canteen kitchen at the office.