WEBINAR: Luke Pearson & Tom Lloyd: The World is Changing. Lead Together

July 22nd, 2020 2:00 PM – with the designers Luke Pearson & Tom Lloyd.

Change is everywhere. Systems are being reconsidered, established processes called into question and new leadership styles put into practice: from traditional, hierarchical models and in the direction of cooperative, fluid structures. This change also requires new office concepts: PORTS radically reflects this reality with space and furnishings – non-hierarchical, open and dynamic.

In this webinar, designers Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd talk about the future of leadership and their interpretation of new leadership: PORTS.


LEAD TOGETHER – Interview with Pearson Lloyd

Time and again, the two design partners from London impressively demonstrate what high-quality industrial design is all about, namely cleverly transposing changing ways of working and life situations to new products and usage concepts. 10 years after the joint development of the PARCS product series, the London design studio PearsonLloyd has once again developed an innovative office concept together with Bene: PORTS.

We spoke to Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson about developing PORTS as “New Leadership Environments”.


Pearson Lloyd on “New Leadership”

Leadership and good decisions will become more precious as time and economic pressure continue to impose restrictions on business. Getting the best out of people and making environments that support natural behaviour has been key to the studio’s work for the last 20 years. In new leadership a greater up-flow of information and ideas takes place. This doesn’t diminish the need for leadership, but it makes the process more inclusive and therefore more rigorous.

We spoke to Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson about the evolution from “New Working Environments” to “New Leadership Environments”. Read for yourself:


The planning of the right distance

To efficiently implement the return to the office, existing office structures need to be analysed and adapted. The right harmony between distance and proximity influences the planning.


The harmony of the right distance

Step by step we are moving into a new normal. The most important new game rule for collaboration is: SOCIAL DISTANCING. We at Bene say: PHYSICAL DISTANCING to stay social. The right distance, has always been essential to interact efficiently as a community, team, or group to proactively shape our future and our goals together.


Longing to get back to the Office

The boundary between the home and the office has become more fluid. Against the backdrop of the current global crisis, we are experiencing a stress test for the home office. It turns out that working from home works in principle, but are also realising the benefits of working in the office too. This will have an impact on the use concepts and design of office space in the future.


CHALLENGE THE FUTURE OF WORK Report – download now

The future of work is an opportunity and scope for companies and employees. Together with the Fraunhofer Institute, we surveyed 1,200 people in 34 countries and provide new impressions and ideas in the “Challenge the Future of Work” report.


Background music in the home office – Is it a help or a hindrance?

Opinions differ about listening to music at work. Some cannot do without it, while others find it distracting. This is why the subject of listening to background music in the workplace usually creates a lot of discussion.


RECHARGE NOW: Meditation Sessions

Serenity and focus are essential sources of inspiration and creativity. At Bene, we also want to support this in your everyday life and provide you with a series of meditation sessions.


The home office: a few things to consider

At Bene we specialise in designing and furnishing working environments, and so we know how to set up a functional and ergonomic workstation at home, where you can work efficiently and effectively.