Office.Info February 2014

Newsletter Start-Up Office Trends

Start-up! That’s the starting signal for Bene’s new Office.Info trendletter: Welcome! Much-trumpeted in politicians’ speeches and omnipresent in the media, start-ups are what some economies are pinning all their hopes on. But it's not so easy to say what exactly a start-up is. Reason enough for us to look at the history of the start up, right back to its origins in Silicon Valley. Read about what we discovered in the article "A Founder’s Era".

Are you ready to start something up yourself? You’ll find valuable tips for founding a company in our “Big Bang Theory for Start-ups” Please take it to heart, so things really run well ... and what it’s like when your start-up business turns out to be a real success - Johannes Knoll from Runtastic tells about what it is like being the world market leader in mobile fitness apps.

Ready to jump right in? Here you are: Our new Office.playlist sends the Runtastic Workout Mix straight to your ears – and will motivate you... to get started!

Fit for work – this certainly applies to everyone working in the trendy penthouse office of emarsys eMarketing Systems AG: welcome to our reference project. And finally, a glance at future working environments: The Stockholm Furniture Fair was held high up north – a trend report under the motto “ "Vackrare Vardagsvara"! Deep down among the book tips you will find the latest findings on working in the age of automated systems – titled “free from work”.

Start up and have fun reading, listening, scrolling!