Office.Info June 2014: Specialisation

Do you love your niche? Are you a specialist? Or do you think of yourself as more of a generalist, a polymath even? This Office.Info is all about specialization – what it is, and where it is leading us.

Ready for takeoff? Then let’s start with the brand-new Office.Info series “Work in Progress”, where we examine ever-changing job environments. We launch the series with a profile of the architect - a profession that comes in all shapes and sizes. Find out more about the Ted Mosby syndrome and “Il Divino” Michelangelo below.

Someone with a very special job description is Susie Wolff – the “fastest woman in the world” discovered her love for motorsport at an early age and is now a development driver for the Williams Martini Racing Team. She spoke to us about her road to success.

Finally, congratulations are in order: the Office.Playlist celebrates its 50th birthday. In honour of the occasion, the Playlist was created by the Austrian magazine “The Gap”, where glamour, good music and discourse have been in the center of attention since 1997. No idea what this is supposed to sound like? Then jump right in.

Enjoy reading, scrolling, listening!

Your Office.Info editorial team