Personal Space: Hermann Maier about Mental Space

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And yet surprisingly, the first thing that comes to his mind when asked about space are the melancholic songs by the duo "Zweiraumwohnung" from Berlin, who fascinate growing audiences with Latino and Bossa Nova rhythms, combined with German texts.

Hermann Maier is Austria’s preferred phenomenon.
He just keeps getting back on his feet again and again – whether it’s after a motorbike or skiing accident. He continues to win and never complains, without ever resorting to quirky esoteric.

He belongs to the few people who had been written off completely, but whose performance is widely admired and recognised, even in Austria – not surprisingly: triple world champion, double Olympic champion, four-times overall world cup winner, with 50 single world cup victories. The impressive success story of a ski racer internationally known as the "Herminator", for whom mental space is far more emotional than space to fall and space in the finish.
With mental space, Maier associates feelings, friends and high spirits.

Born in Altenmarkt in 1972 and resident in Flachau, this international hero considers space a form of light-heartedness, seemingly at least resembling the happiness of winning.
With an impish smile, he calls himself a space man, somebody who needs space while occupying it at the same time.
Another concept dear to him is "time space" – the period in time and space – which has constantly been extended during his own career.

Maier simply thinks in different dimensions – dimensions that are exclusive to him.


Lilli Hollein