PIXEL by Bene @ Dubai Design Week 2019

Dubai Design Week, now in its fifth year, took place from 11-16 November, 2019. It is the largest design festival in the Middle East and strengthens Dubai’s image as a centre for design. This year the festival drew over 90,000 visitors to the Dubai Design District. The six-day programme included over 200 activities based on product design, interiors and architecture, as well as multi-media and graphic design, with talks, workshops, displays and installations. One highlight was Bene’s art installation PIXEL Artwork by Ibraheem Khamayseh.


The artist Ibraheem Khamayseh used PIXEL boxes as the background for his beautifully artistic Arabic calligraphy, forming the word “friendship”, which embodies the spirit of teamwork and of PIXEL. PIXEL is the versatile building block that facilitates new ways of working together. PIXEL is also a table, a bench, a stool, a platform, a shelf or all of these things at once. The boxes can be easily combined to create different settings for various kinds of work situations.
The installation consisted of a huge mega-PIXEL surrounded by a wide variety of PIXEL configurations. Ibraheem’s calligraphy was the perfect complement to the natural, untreated surfaces of PIXEL. It was a much-photographed feature that attracted a great deal of interest from the public at this year’s Dubai Design Week.

Premiere for COFFEE NOOXS

In addition to the PIXEL installation, visitors were also introduced to innovative furniture that integrates the coffee machine into any office setting: COFFEE NOOXS. Created in collaboration with Nespresso Professional, COFFEE NOOXS forms the perfect setting for informal meetings, encourages cooperation within companies and provides a prominent space for coffee breaks. It transforms coffee breaks into inspiring encounters in a relaxed atmosphere and enhances existing “collaboration and interaction” zones. For visitors to Dubai Design Week it offered a chance to relax in a stylish atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the design fair.

More about the artist Ibraheem Khamayseh

Ibraheem was born in Riyadh and is an up-and-coming Arab artist, illustrator and calligrapher. He studied graphic design at Al Najah University, one of the leading arts universities in Palestine. He began his professional life working as a graphic designer for various advertising agencies in Palestine. In 2013 he moved to Tashkeel in the United Arab Emirates. He inherited his passion for calligraphy from his father, who was a well-known calligrapher.