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PIXEL: The smallest common denominator of creativity

"Experience digitalisation and technology", that's what children and young people were able to do in July 2022 at the Linzerie am Taubenmarkt. The organisers were "KET" (Kinder erleben Technik - Children Experience Technology), an initiative that aims to playfully introduce young people at kindergarten age to the effects of technology, and "Futurespace", an association that aims to give young people an understanding of everything to do with digitalisation.

In the Digital Playground, the young people could, for example, make their own TV commercial, try out 3D printers or bring robots to life. The younger ones were allowed to test 3D printing pens, turn a giant doll's house into a mini Smarthome or programme small Ozobot robots with paints.

In cooperation with Bene, a setting was provided, which could not have been more perfect - with PIXEL. PIXEL may look like a box, but it is much more than that. PIXEL is a table, a bench, a stool, a stand, and much more. The building block made of FSC certified plywood enables an infinite number of possibilities to equip rooms flexibly for all kinds of tasks.

The most exciting innovations are still created where you have the freedom to think playfully. This is true not only for the development of new working worlds, but also for an event like this, where the creativity of children and young people is to be encouraged. With PIXEL, anything is possible, with inspiration and improvisation. PIXEL is the building block for an infinite variety of possibilities to design spaces flexibly for current needs.

This is exactly what PIXEL is made for - the flexible building block from Bene.