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Jacques Tati as Monsieur Hulot – as always tall, slightly bent forward, smoking a pipe – a cult figure of film history!

'Playtime' is set in a sort of "Paris of the future" made of steel, concrete and glass. Monsieur Hulot navigates through this grossly beaurocratic, excessively technological city and takes us to the waiting room of an airport, an office complex, an exhibition on modern living and a fancy restaurant. He continues his struggle against the perils of modern technology that fail to make life easier. A critical but also comical look on the modern world.

Jacques Tati had worked for nine years on this film that features him – as opposed to his other films – only as one of many protagonists. For this film, a set made of 1200 square meters glass and 50 000 cubic meters of concrete was installed just outside of Paris.

DVD, Atlas Film