Recording: HOW TO WORK NOW with Rosie Haslem, director at spacelab_

New Working Environments New Ways of Working

Amidst the turmoil of the pandemic, it is time to take action. We provide concepts, products and solutions for the now.  We need to understand: How do people want to work right now? Which new ways of leadership are emerging now? What is the purpose of work now? Get the answers to these and more questions from the industry´s greatest minds, in Benes new HOW TO WORK NOW. ONLINE EXPERT TALK series.

In our first HOW TO WORK NOW. ONLINE EXPERT TALK spacelab_ director Rosie Haslem talks about spacelab_´s research into what the world of work is going to look like from here on. There has, understandably, been a lot of speculation about how people are finding working from home, and what all of this will mean for the workplace. spacelab_ decided to collect their own data to better understand people’s experiences of working from home, and their feelings on the return to the office. Rosie will reflect on what the findings of their research mean for wider changes to our patterns of living and working - and how all of this can inform the evolution of the workplace now.





Rosie Haslem

Director at spacelab_

Rosie is a director at spacelab_, a well-known creative research and design studio with extensive experience in workplace strategy and design, where she leads all research and strategy for clients such as Dyson, the Houses of Parliament, Warner Bros., and the University of London, and she consults widely on the future of work.

Rosie is a known industry expert and has given evidence at the House of Lords’ Design Commission enquiry on how data-driven design can improve the quality of the built environment. The findings have been developed into a whitepaper for government policy. Over the last year she has been leading the practice's research into how people are finding working from home through the pandemic, and their views on the future of work, and of the workplace.