+rosebud no.7 — VERY FUNNY!

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VERY FUNNY!, on 600 pages that include the longest joke in the world, explores the previously unimagined depths and pitfalls of our fun-and-games culture.

There are people who can supposedly tell jokes for hours on end. Are you one of those who can laugh about them? Or, when at the movies, do you always have the feeling that the audience constantly laughs at the wrong places? But there are worse things than a bad sense of humor. Like financial crises. Or humor-lacking colleagues who think they are madly funny and gigglingly write quotation marks in the air.

In any case, humor is best when it’s at the expense of others. Which is why VERY FUNNY! - following in the wake of Dada, Fluxus, satire and the grotesque - presents brainwaves and fallouts from biting to ironic - in words and pictures.

With many contributions by internationally renowned artists, designers, photographers, copywriters and illustrators, such as: Paul Graves, Mike Meiré, Joachim Baldauf, Michael Dürr, Erik Kessels, Nicolas Mahler, Harmen de Hoop, Jason Polan, Thomas Mailänder, Vikky Wilkes, Jork Weismann, and many more.

Editor: Ralf Herms
Publisher: Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg