Secret Passion - Artists and their musical desires

Arts and Culture Music Creativity

Editors: Edek Bartz, Koller Gabriebel, Bast Gerald
Publisher: Springer
Edition Angewandte

"If you want to enjoy a lazy day you should light up a joint and listen to this song - it goes on forever."

Or you can pick up this book and be blown away by the different musical passions of architects and artists. This quote is from a discussion that Edek Bartz – music expert, art lover and lecturer at Vienna's University of Applied Arts – had with Wolf D. Prix of Coop Himmelb(l)au. Prix, who has played guitar himself, talks about how he discovered rock‘n roll, and how the music of the Rolling Stones has accompanied him throughout his life.

This book documents the eponymous series of talks held at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. The speakers - Urs Fischer, Markus Muntean, Daniel Richter, Christian Ludwig Attersee, Carl Michael Hausswolff, Helmut Federle, Cameron Jamie, Greg Lynn, Wolf Prix, Matthew Higgs – are among the most influential proponents of contemporary art and architecture.

In these talks with Edek Bartz, which are summarised and edited by Gabriele Koller, the artists reveal their obsessions and how they have led them into widely disparate musical areas. Did you know that Christian Attersee has a music collection of about 55,000 CDs? That Daniel Richter listens to American country music from the 1960s? Or that Greg Lynn thinks about musical properties in his own work? These discussions focus on the emotional relationship to music rather than an intellectual approach, putting the focus on the "fan" instead of the analyst.

By the way: the endless song that Wolf D. Prix mentioned was Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan.