The harmony of the right distance

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The whole world is fighting the Covid 19 pandemic and the working world is particularly affected. It now has to prepare, as best as possible, for the return of concerned employees back into the office, in compliance with all necessary hygiene and protective measures. Step by step we are moving into a new normal. The most important new game rule for collaboration is: SOCIAL DISTANCING. 

For us at Bene, the office is a social place that thrives on exchange and interaction. Therefore, we say: PHYSICAL DISTANCING to stay social.

A question of culture

The need for the right distance is culturally very different, and has changed over time along different social norms.

The way we design offices and how we live the rituals of everyday life with in them is always characterised by the interplay of closeness and distance. This is an expression of our culture in companies. From informal to formalised, the chosen distance always signals the measure of trust, and is constantly renegotiated. It is important that this distance works for everyone.

Rethink rituals

The greeting is the most visible and formal ritual and was the first action that changed with the appearance of Covid-19, often with its complete removal from our repertoire. The greeting is an essential aspect that has always stood for the harmony of the right distance, of trust. 

Our trust in things, in the predictable, our feeling of security, all essential aspects for successful cooperation, have been shaken in these times. Who can I meet and in what context? How can I trust? Where can I feel safe? Questions that concern us more than ever in companies. 

In order to regain our trust and a feeling of security, what new rituals and forms of cooperation can, and must we design at this time? 

Much of this relates to the harmony of the right distance, and not only in the context of the current crisis. The right distance, physical distancing, has always been essential to interact efficiently as a community, team, or group to proactively shape our future and our goals together. Manifested in rituals of our trust, insurance.

Inspiration through encounter

Therefore, at Bene we have asked ourselves what our contribution could be to specifically support the need for security, orientation and trust in the office during these times, and thus to create inspiring places of encounter and not places of social distance.

The right harmony between distance and proximity influences the planning. In the short and long term, individual solutions are needed to make offices safe places for employees and customers. Bene products offers a wide range of tailor-made products. The new product folder PHYSICAL DISTANCING gives you an overview of the many possibilities: