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PIXEL may look like a box but it can also be a table, a bench, a platform, a shelf and so much more. PIXEL building blocks ensure that you can flexibly shape space to support a number of different team tasks. PIXEL brings a new dimension in team working and meeting culture to the workplace, creating playground-like spaces that encourage lively group dynamics and creativity.

The most exciting innovations develop in places where people have the freedom to think playfully. Defined areas in the office that inspire a lively group dynamic and offer a creative playground are becoming increasingly important. The challenge is to create a place that naturally compliments day-to-day working life –  culturally and spatially. Furniture that is as flexible and unfussy as the team itself can help to create such a space. This is where PIXEL comes in

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The space-structuring elements for even more flexible working.

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Set with PIXEL Boxes, Pods, Tops, Trays and Pads – ready to work!

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PIXEL Your Office

Flexibility for co-working spaces, start ups and team spaces – create your space according to your needs.

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PIXEL Your Shop

PIXEL, the multi-functional modular furnishing system for pop-up-stores, concept stores or cafés.

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PIXEL Your Event

PIXEL can make a bar or a DJ desk, a high table or seating.

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PIXEL Ideas Workshop

Quickly and easily reshape the spatial settings, to stay in the creative flow with a start-up-like mentality.

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The mobile FRAME_S Boards on castors let you restructure open spaces in new ways whenever desired and integrate elements such as flipcharts and whiteboards into the setting. This makes them not just room dividers but also analogous writing, work and presentation boards. Two typologies are available: the T-Type with a single T angle or the H-Type, a FRAME_S Board which, when equipped with PIXEL supports, can accept up to 20 PIXEL Boxes, 4 PIXEL Tops 180 and several single PIXEL Tops and Pads.

With PIXEL, the FRAME_S Boards combine into temporary and flexible room structures that can quickly be reorganised. This makes it possible to respond immediately to various needs, for example during a workshop.