AIDS LIFE & Life Ball Office

Address: Werdertorgasse 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Sector: Public sector

Year: 2012

Architect: Architekturbüro BEHF

Office planning: Bene Interior Concepts International


An initiative that began in 1992 as an idea in a private apartment in Vienna’s Josefstadt district is now one of the world’s most respected AIDS charity events. The AIDS LIFE charity organisation supports national and international non-profit groups that campaign for people that are HIV positive or have AIDS, and it has also organised the Life Ball in Vienna since 1993. The exuberant, glittering festival is known for its opulence, extravagance, glamour and provocation. The festival wants to send a message to the world about the joy of life and its diversity – while sending a signal of commitment and hope for a better future for those affected by HIV/AIDS. Prominent keynote speakers in the last twenty years have included Sir Elton John, Sharon Stone, Whoopi Goldberg and Bill Clinton. The Life Ball is an essential source of funding for AIDS LIFE in its struggle against HIV and AIDS.

Creating space for involvement

The AIDS LIFE head office moved into Vienna’s First District a few weeks ago because the old office had become too small over the years. The new office in the Werdertorgasse offers enough space for the core team of ten people, and its 240m² are flexible enough to accommodate up to 25 workstations during the busiest phase of the ball organisation and to provide space for a constantly changing number of temporary employees and committed charity workers.
The rooms and their five-metre-high ceilings are flooded with daylight, and bright furnishings ensure a pleasant working atmosphere throughout the year. The spatial concept has a classical layout and enables focused yet collaborative work.

Welcoming diversity

Bene furnished the entire new office – with desks that include table panels over swivel chairs, different storage elements, and a fully equipped conference room. Bene Interior Concepts International worked together with the architects at BEHF to create a custom-tailored total concept for light, acoustics, colours, shapes and media integration.
It was important to create an inspiring environment that meets the users’ requirements – both in terms of changing occupancy density and the need for uncomplicated communication and spontaneous meetings. Meeting islands for stand-up meetings, compact communication islands for small team discussions, and the functional yet prestigious conference room for larger meetings offer multifunctional opportunities. Elements from the PARCS series set the tone for design and, along with storage elements and dividing walls, serve to partition and create spaces.

"We have been looking forward excitedly to the move for months. This office is the beginning of a new era for us", says AIDS LIFE chairman and Life Ball organiser Gery Keszler. "We have the perfect atmosphere for creative work here, and we can also receive our business partners, sponsors and representatives from the media in a prestigious space."