Address: Agnes-Pockels-Bogen 1, 80992 München, Germany

Sector: Consulting

Year: 2017


BayStartUP helps start-ups prepare their approach to investors and introduces them to a targeted network of several hundred investors and business angels. The preparation comprises Bavarian business plan competitions, coaching sessions and networking events for founders, business angels and industry representatives. BayStartUP helps distribute around EUR 50 million in seed and growth capital. The BayStartUP financing network is one of the largest in Europe – it gives founders the opportunities to contact more than 270 listed business angels, over 100 institutional investors and obtain financing from EUR 50,000 to EUR 5 million.

The task

Important criteria for the success of a start-up are not just an exciting idea and the right know-how but also good team collaboration and a stable network. Creative ideas need space to develop. It isn’t always easy for young entrepreneurs to find the right environment in their establishment phase where they can develop their solutions and that facilitates their team work. To provide the ideal support of start-ups in their search for financing, BayStartUP contacted Bene to find the right design for its office space. They wanted an office space concept that allowed rapid and flexible adaptation to the needs of different start-up teams and investors. They also wanted to accommodate various types of meetings. Bene is implementing this approach in the IDEA LAB – this continues the traditional brainstorming and workshop idea and provides a work space with state-of-the-art presentation technologies for idea-finding processes. The Bene IDEA LAB was also inspired by Silicon Valley in California – the place that is virtually synonymous with start-ups. Traditional, fixed workspaces are a rarity here. Instead there are flexible partition walls and panels which can be moved to keep creating new spaces.

In line with this philosophy, work at the Bene IDEA LAB will take new directions and break with conventions. Just as in a workshop, people will tinker, brainstorm and of course also work at this lab. This is how good ideas and pioneering concepts are created. The newly designed PIXEL boxes are easy to reconfigure in a few steps. There are no limits to the creativity for the room design: from classic small group settings to a platform or bar, tables or stools. The NOOX Think Tank is an ideal retreat for small groups. The multifunctional desk system DELTA & T Panel along with tables and chairs from the TIMBA design line are an ideal complement for the IDEA LAB.

For BayStartUP and its partners, Bene has thus created an environment that strengthens team work and enables an entirely new meeting and movement culture at work. The first start-up teams have already used this IDEA LAB with success.