Bene showroom in Salzburg

Address: Söllheimerstraße 16, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Sector: Designer

Year: 2020

Office planning: Bene GmbH, Bene International Corporate Office Design iCOD

Salzburg’s Gusswerk, a former bell foundry in the northern part of Salzburg, is now home to a variety of shops and businesses. Nestled among them is the Bene showroom, which is well worth visiting just to look at, and also offers plenty of interesting things to explore. The historic structure of the original building has been preserved, retaining its industrial aesthetic, and has now been revitalised with great sensitivity. This environment presents a fascinating juxtaposition when combined with Bene’s future-oriented office design solutions.

Extraordinary spaces demand an extraordinary design concept. A modern design which also respected the history of the site.
Hans-Peter Wunsch, Head of iCOD

With just under 300m2 over two floors, there is space to display a wide range of Bene office settings, in contrasting black and white, with bold colour accents in red, green and blue. The loft-style spaces have white-painted brick walls and exposed roof beams, with large industrial-style windows which provide plentiful daylight and create a bright, feelgood atmosphere.

Display highlights include PORTS (Design: Pearson Lloyd) – the revolutionary design line for a new kind of collaboration and management. Its three complementary product ranges – PORTS Lounge, Table and Storage – reflect the high expectations of contemporary leadership and can be combined to form a multifunctional hub. People, ideas and work processes connect up naturally come together in this agile infrastructure. Here in the Bene showroom you can see how this concept is transformed into office design and what it feels like to work in this kind of setting.

An IDEA LAB is an essential part of the set-up too: flexible, versatile PIXEL modules allow a variety of space concepts to be created, quickly and simply. This enables innovative processes for generating ideas and makes it easier for communication and discussions to flow. But there are also many other Bene innovations and classic lines on display here too.

"The stimulating environment formed by this impressive space provides the perfect backdrop for Bene’s latest furniture design highlights. Bold colour accents add structure to the space and create varying moods for different occasions. The overall design concept is based on the interplay between different colours, materials, surfaces and textures, Hans-Peter Wunsch, Head of iCOD."