Bene Warsaw

Address: Wołoska 9A , Warschau, Poland

Sector: Designer

Year: 2020

Office planning: Bene GmbH, Malachowski Mateusz

The newly designed showroom in Warsaw is far more than just a line-up of Bene products. It is a lively composition of visionary design, striking colours and creative presentation completely in tune with our motto, CHALLENGE EVERYTHING. Clean lines and a structured style focus attention on the Bene product range. Light-coloured curtains, big mirrors and a neutral floor provide a stage stripped down to the essentials. In contrast to this is the use of strong colour concepts in red, yellow, green and blue.

Bene’s classics such as PARCS, TIMBA, FILO, NOOX Think Tank and IDEA WALL can be viewed here in a space of 300 m2. For years now they have formed the basis of many modern office projects. These are rounded out with the latest, award-winning and internationally acclaimed innovations, such as PIXEL and STUDIO, which are on the best path to becoming classics themselves.

Arranged according to "function” with new colours and new finishes, the showroom becomes a shining example of a lively, varied interior where everyone can find the space they need at any given time. The challenge was to display the entire Bene product range, and in a way that mirrors the real goal: creating a work environment that meets the modern requirements for space where people can interact or do work that requires concentration. With varied spaces and places for different activities.

Visitors to the showroom should be able to experience for themselves what it is like to work in this environment and – even more importantly – how it feels. Particularly the choice of colours, materials and surfaces and their distinctness in the room influence the character of a place, and determine the atmosphere and how it looks. In conjunction with functionality, this creates the ideal conditions for a successful working environment.

For us at Bene, an office should be a place which enables a community that meets people’s natural need to belong – a place which comes to life through interaction and exchange of information. Naturally, due to the current situation, we have asked ourselves what we could contribute to create more security and trust so that the office remains an inspiring meeting place for us and our customers and does not just become a place of physical distancing.

We cordially invite you to take a virtual walk, but are looking forward even more to you visiting our live showroom!

  Katarzyna Jasińska
  Managing Director Bene Warsaw