Business Circle

Address: Ölzeltgasse 3, 1030 Vienna, Austria

Sector: Education, Training & Research

Year: 2016


With over 600 professional events per year, Business Circle is Austria's largest conference company. More than 1 000 experts from leading businesses and organisations serve as speakers, providing cutting-edge practical expertise and demonstrating strategies for success. Last year, over 9 000 participants benefited from their advice, including decision-makers and specialists from all sectors of the economy.


The new office for the Vienna Business Circle was intended to convey a pleasant, cosy atmosphere, and serve as a convincing visual representation of the brand.

Based on a detailed analysis, an office concept was developed that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the company’s employees. Instead of forcing all the departments to fit into a given scheme, layouts and furnishings were provided that accorded with the employees' work routines and preferences. As a result, some departments were set up according to a "mobile" principle of desk sharing, while in other cases permanent workstations were installed.

Along with furnishing, the interior design concept developed by Bene includes acoustics and lighting solutions and a contemporary colour palette. One of the project's particular challenges was to integrate existing furniture into the new office environment.