Campaigning Bureau

Address: Gölsdorfgasse 4/6, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Sector: Consulting

Year: 2016


The Campaigning Bureau was founded in 2012 as Austria's first campaign consultancy office.
Ever since then the Vienna office has been mobilising people and getting involved in political, social, and societal campaigns, furthermore providing communication, organisation, and technology in addition to strategic advice.


The Campaigning Bureau's creative headquarters provide attractive meeting rooms, functional workstations, and communal areas for brainstorming sessions and workshops, all in a traditional Viennese setting.
The office concept was developed together with the employees of the Campaigning Bureau. That the employees enjoy using all of the work and meeting areas demonstrates the success of the concept.

The expertise, charm and commitment of the experts at Bene make the development of the office concept a unique product which is just as valuable as the innovative construction products themselves.

Philipp Maderthaner, founder and managing director of the Campaigning Bureau