Address: Plac Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 1, 00-001 Warschau, Poland

Sector: Retail & Consumer goods

Year: 2017

Architect: In Design Zbigniew Kostrzewa


CCC S.A. is Europe’s largest manufacturer of shoes and the largest fashion shoe retailer in central Europe. The company employs more than 11,000 people, operates in 16 countries and sells on average around 40 million pairs of shoes each year. Customers can choose from a range of around 6,000 styles and a wide selection of bags, accessories and other small gift items.

Concept and implementation 

Timeless appeal and functionality – these were the most important factors for CCC in the design briefing for their new offices. In a prestigious building in central Warsaw CCC has opened a new office. Bene created an innovative open-space office of over 2,000 square metres that provides ideal working spaces to suit all employees, and perfectly reflects the company’s brand values and strategy. A key priority was to support different working styles and dynamics. Acoustically screened areas make confidential work possible, open settings facilitate project and team activities, while temporary workstations are available for those who mostly work away from the office.

SETTLE sofas in the communication zones reflect the company image and create a perfect feel-good place where people can make themselves comfortable. PARCS American diner is an attractive room-within-a-room which promotes concentration in targeted discussions, while PARCS Docklands provides a place for focused work. TIMBA HIGH combined with TIMBA stools and Bay chairs support dynamic group processes in open office areas. The meeting rooms were furnished with FILO meeting tables and FILO conference chairs. Materials and colours were chosen to create a natural and elegant look.

“Opening the office in Warsaw was an important event for us last year, both in terms of business and image. This is an important step in our expansion plan in Poland and abroad, but also an element that proves the dynamic development of the company.”

Dariusz Miłek, CEO, CCC.S.A.

Photos: Szymon Polański