Chemnitz University of Technology

Address: Erfenschlager Straße 73, 9125 Chemnitz, Germany

Sector: Education, Training & Research


Chemnitz University of Technology offers over 10,800 students a broad spectrum of subjects and interdisciplinary courses of study. The university, with its 1,700 employees, is furthermore among the largest employers in the region.


The METEOR innovative working environment serves as a research and teaching site as well as a space that interdisciplinary teams from both the university and the private sector can use for presentations and communication. The site is meant to provide a creative environment for conducting research and development activities, where teams are shielded from the demands of ‘normal’ university work and life. In order to generate ideas, METEOR relies on intense, direct communication and inspiring surroundings. New trends in office and work environments are offered and thereby put to the test.

Steve Glöckner explains why the project managers decided to go with PARCS landscapes:

Bene, with its PARCS product line, offers an extraordinary portfolio that meets the communications requirements of modern business structures in a superior manner.


Bene’s modular PARCS landscapes seem almost predestined for just such a project. The basic concept behind the PARCS series is that efficient working can happen at places other than a desk. PARCS relies on the notion that it is precisely spaces which facilitate communication, collaboration and well-being that increase productivity. These progressive ideas are being put into practice in the METEOR space at the Chemnitz University of Technology.