Crédit Agricole Aquitaine

Address: 106 Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux, France

Sector: Banking, Financial services

Year: 2018

Architect: Wilmotte et Associés

Office planning: Majorelle


After being located in the heart of Bordeaux, in Tour Wilson, for 40 years, Crédit Agricole Aquitaine decided to make a momentous move and relocate its company headquarters. In November 2018, the Caisse régionale moved into a newly constructed building with 12,260 m² of floor space in the Bassins à Flot quarter, which was once the site of the former Lesieur factory. Crédit Agricole Aquitaine’s new company headquarters blends in with Bordeaux’s historical landscape harmoniously and gives the leading regional bank group a unique and modern presence.


This project is part of the ‘Bordeaux 2030’ initiative’s economic and urban dynamic. It is an urban planning project for a sustainable metropolis: Bordeaux will have one million inhabitants by 2030. Designed by the architecture firm Wilmotte et Associés, the building meets the high-est technological and environmental standards. The new company headquarters consists of work and common areas which can be used by visitors and employees working there or in other branches. This particular feature makes the common areas very important; it is these areas which are being modernised thanks to the project. The common areas bring unique spaces together through a playful combination of greenery on the terraces and patios, creating a bright, spacious and friendly atmosphere. The offices are located on the mounted top floor which extends above the newly designed green space.

450 employees, primarily from Support, Marketing and Communication as well as well as one of the branches, are working in Crédit Agricole’s new company headquarters. All of the office floors were designed in a uniform and compact ‘S’ shape which is 18 m wide throughout. The architecture firm Majorelle was tasked with designing the rooms’ interiors. Bene has a wide range of products which offer solutions for every type of space: from the sleek DELTA desk series, with legs made of wood for open-space offices, to TIMBA high tables that can be combined with conference tables in teamwork areas as well as with detachable, individual workstations from the DOCKLANDS series; they also offer comfortable and inviting cubby-hole spaces to relax and recharge your batteries or the self-contained NOOXS Think Tanks for extra privacy. The ground floor and the first four floors all have the same colour scheme that the architects used when designing the 3 different zones: the Pine Forest Zone, in two shimmering shades of green, the crimson Vineyard Zone and the Garonne Zone, with its electrifying tones of blue.

The offices for the Executive Board are located on the top two floors in the south-western part of the building, creating the top end piece of the office floors. Bene furnished these executive offices with its AL collection, giving them a modern and elegant flair. The result is a bright and colourful ensemble of functional, comfortable and flexible spaces. The choice of decor was made very carefully, and the work is still ongoing, as Crédit Agricole Aquitaine plans to open a concierge service in a new building in 2019. The building will house offices for the works council, recreational areas for sport, the company physician, conference halls and even a station to order and pick up farmer’s produce.


Text: Actinéo & Bene