Drees & Sommer GmbH

Address: Habsburgerring 2, 50674 Köln, Germany

Sector: Property

Year: 2016

Office planning: RBSGROUP


Drees & Sommer has been supporting private and public owners and investors for over 45 years in all aspects of real estate and buildings. Headquartered in Stuttgart and managed by partners, the company has offices and representatives in a total of 40 locations, and is a benchmark for infrastructure consulting, project management, building consultancy and engineering. The company’s planning concepts integrate economy, functionality and process quality with ecology, architecture and feelgood factors. Drees & Sommer calls this comprehensive and sustainable approach “the blue way”. Drees & Sommer employs around 2,150 people worldwide and achieved sales of €300.7 million in 2015..


Drees & Sommer GmbH’s Cologne office is in the Westgate building, a modern office and commercial complex on Rudolfplatz. For a recent extension to their offices, Bene was contracted to develop an inspiring working environment for the Cologne team. The centre area of the new offices is entirely devoted to a “multi-space”, for discussion and exchange of ideas. Open settings using TIMBA and PARCS create a comfortable atmosphere.

A generous Toguna Circle, custom-made to Drees & Sommer’s specifications, provides an inviting place for relaxed roundtable discussion and brief team meetings. When more intense focus is needed, NOOXS Think Tanks offer a space for quiet discussion or individual privacy – even in the midst of a busy office. Functional workstations with generous storage space provide support for everyday tasks.

Height-adjustable tables offer a choice of sitting or standing to work.