emarsys eMarketing Systems AG

Address: Seidengasse 9, Top 6.1, 1070 Vienna, Austria

Sector: Information Communication Technology

Year: 2013

Office planning: Bene Wien

Complex when setting goals, efficient in reaching them

With this motto, one of the leading providers of cloud-based marketing solutions, emarsys eMarketing Systems AG, presents its successful portfolio of services to optimise email and multi-channel communications. The new office environment takes this into account too.

Founded in 2000, emarsys’s Client Service Team in 13 international locations provides advice to over 1,000 customers in 120 countries. The company was founded and is headquartered in Vienna where, because of the expansive growth in companies and declining amounts of available space, additional office space is very much in demand. Forty additional workspaces have been specially created for the operational area in a newly occupied top-floor office.

Structure and diversity

Bene, as the planner and furnisher for the space, was asked to create a multifunctional, usable open space and to ensure the greatest level of flexibility, which is absolutely necessary when it comes to dynamic project work and daily tasks.

The provisions in the space should cover the broadest spectrum of needs and should offer ideal conditions for both work that requires concentration and meetings with customers or activities related to support services and sales via telephone.

A multifunctional office environment was created with diversified zones and areas that offered an array of options in terms of spaces to encompass reception, standard workspaces, conference rooms, rooms for project-based work and more secluded rooms for individual work. A cafeteria, laid out in a compact fashion, provides additional free space for communication and opportunities for informal meetings.

Knowing how offices function

Colour concepts and the language of form were based on emarsys’s existing office spaces: high-quality, pure, with generally few accents, but in those cases where accents are used, they are powerful ones that stimulate and provide a sense of orderliness at the same time. "We were far less concerned in this project with using the space to represent ourselves; we wanted to create a pleasing space, one that provides us with a functional working environment and, at the same time, shows our customers who we are," says office manager Nadja Kiss, summarising the company’s intent. "Bene gave us exactly what we wanted, in perfect form and demonstrating a real sensitivity. In addition, the cooperative process was thoroughly enjoyable and reflected well the chemistry that existed between both parties."