Energy Automation Systems

Address: Giefinggasse 6 Stg. 2 Top 3.4, 1210 Vienna, Austria

Sector: Energy & Commodity

Year: 2016


The core activities at EAS involve the engineering, manufacture, construction, and sale of electrical and automation equipment for energy and environmental technology facilities. The company’s headquarters is in the ENERGYbase building, the first business property in Austria constructed according to "passive house" standards and certified as a "green building." Energy efficiency, user comfort, and renewable energies make the building a showcase project in the area of sustainable construction.


The new office was developed through a close collaboration between the employees and management of EAS and Bene. As part of a change process, employees were heavily involved in the development of the office, and, through that involvement, were gradually introduced to the concept of the "future of work". The result is impressive: an open, bright, and very friendly office environment that also serves to visually define the EAS brand.

The improvement of room acoustics was a major factor in carrying out this project. This was achieved by using special wall panels, a panel glide system, and wall absorbers.