Ernst & Young

Address: Polygraphia Business Center , 47A, Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

Sector: Accountancy services

Year: 2011

Architect: Sashecco Architects


Ernst & Young, founded in the 19th Century, are one of the 4 biggest accounting firms in the world. This long-standing US company focuses on openness, identification and quality as the main pillars of corporate culture for its 130,000 employees.


Management, meeting rooms and communication zones with different functions in the Ernst & Young’s Bulgarian branch office required a new, exclusive design. At the same time, the office architecture needed to fulfil the requirements for representation and a modern feel. The AL and Filo lines meet these demands at a high aesthetic level.

Bene played a significant role in producing this exceptional result, through its experience in International projects and its ongoing collaboration with the architects.

Nicola Kuyumdjiev, Procurement and Facility Management