FESTO Innovation factory

Address: Plieninger Straße 50, 73760 Ostfildern Scharnhausen, Germany

Sector: Mechanical, Electrical & Process Engineering

Year: 2015

Architect: architekturlabor

The company

Festo is both a global player and an independent family-owned enterprise based in Esslingen am Neckar. The company is a leader worldwide in automation technology and a world market leader in industrial training and education. Festo provides pneumatic and electric automation technologies to 300,000 clients in over 35 industry sectors.


Festo’s primary goal was to create rooms that would specifically promote innovation and creativity – an environment that motivates employees to get involved and share their ideas with others. After all, innovation does not come from solitude, but from teamwork.
Bene designed four innovation rooms, situated directly in the production hall of the Scharnhausen factory. Workshops, modern knowledge work, and meetings will be held right here at the intersection of traditional industry and modern technology.
The Bene IDEA WALL, an interactive, digital media wall, is at the heart of the innovation rooms. Arranged around the Wall, furniture from the TIMBA and PARCS ranges create spatial settings that support communication, dialogue, and exchange, but also enable people to withdraw temporarily from the group setting.

The individual spaces have deliberately been designed to be different from each other. Employees can choose from rooms in the colour schemes of blue, red, grey, and green. The differing spatial environments should help employees forget day-to-day concerns and let their ideas flow freely.

We sought rooms that would specifically support innovation and creativity. We also wanted to create an environment that would motivate employees to get involved and share their ideas with others.

Christian Kubis, Director of Factory Engineering at Scharnhausen