Address: Pochtamtskaya Ulitsa, д. 3-5, 190000 St Petersburg, Russian Federation

Sector: Energy & Commodity

Year: 2019

Office planning: Bene GmbH

High Tech office for the leader of oil industry

The new offices of Gazprom Neft are located in the centre of St. Petersburg, on the embankment of the Moyka River. It occupies a complex consisting of both new and historic of buildings, some of which are now protected as a matter of cultural heritage. Because of this, even modern construction is subject to strict limitations, in accordance with the current elevation regulations for buildings in this part of the city. The location presented the designers with significant limitations, and so they were required to come up with unique construction and design solutions for the project.

Bene Rus LLC were commissioned by the Russian oil industry leader to design their offices. Not only the functional solutions of this major project are noteworthy, but also its colour scheme and architectural features. "The Office Next jury in Russia got it right as the project won a "Best Office Award". The new office should meet the growing scale of business as well as the company’s structural changes, and advanced the organisation’s requirements for workspaces and high standards of corporate culture; based on efficiency, safety, innovation, cooperation, commitment, social and environmental responsibility.

A varied and versatile office environment was designed for their total floor area of 6,500 m2, including 400 workstations equipped with a number of communication hubs and meeting places, zones for retreat and concentration, and last but not least, a cafeteria. The various zones create structure, blending together to form a harmonious whole, and ensure that everyone can find exactly the kind of space they need at any given time.

Traditional workstations form the basis, but they are interspersed with areas for exchange: The modular PIXEL range coupled with the TIMBA Stool high are perfect setting for stand-up meetings and quick informal discussions, enabling new ideas flourish in this relaxed environment. An ergonomically designed open space with minimal partitioning makes it possible to use the area efficiently and includes zones for informal communication and retreat directly in the work area.

Team members can also get together on the comfortable and appealing PARCS Causeways. Combined with the neat mobile Pop-up Stools, they form an inviting lounge area which encourages collaboration. The warm colours of the upholstered furniture embody the corporate identity, and harmonise perfectly with the brick wall, creating a fascinating contrast with the cool, industrial-style glass and steel structures of the building. The lighting concept uses a variety of longer and shorter track lighting, combined with round light fitting, creating an even more distinctive office atmosphere.

Shades of blue, turquoise and gray used throughout the interiors and the furniture finishes convey a restrained, noble office style.

PARCS Wing Chairs are ideal for two-person meetings, or for private retreat and reflection. NOOXS Think Tanks provide even more privacy, whether it is for undisturbed phone calls, or just time for some peace and quiet.

Great ideas can blossom on the PARCS Idea Wall which is combined with grey Bay Chairs. This allows for up to seven people at a time to work simultaneously on digital content – writing, drawing and sharing content. The results can be saved to be revisited and worked on later, or shared immediately in electronic form.

And an essential part of any communicative office is, of course, the cafeteria. Here TIMBA Stools, in the company’s corporate colours, are also used.

About Gazprom Neft

PJSC Gazprom Neft is the largest oil company engaged in the exploration and development of oil and gas fields, as well as the processing, production and distribution of petroleum products.