GE Energy Technology Centre

Address: Pangyo, Techno Valley, Seoul, Korea (South)

Sector: Energy & Commodity

Year: 2013

Imagination at Work

A New Workspace to suit the Corporate Culture of GE Energy 

General Electric presents itself as an innovative, future-oriented company under its slogan "Imagination at Work". The company’s culture values its own employees and emphasises openness and collaboration. A brand new solution was called for when its previous office did not sufficiently embody these values and did not provide suitable spaces for teamwork and interaction.

Make the values visible, embody interaction

The goals for the new office in the Global R&D Center, Pangyo Techno Valley, Seoul, were clear: to translate corporate values into the spatial environment and promote innovation, creativity and interaction by establishing an inviting, open and communicative atmosphere in the work environment.

Bene developed an open-plan office concept for about 350 employees over an area of 4,000 m² that created the ideal conditions for collaboration in a bright and friendly ambience. The diverse and carefully coordinated materials, as well as the consistent colour concept which supports visual zoning and provides refreshing accents, produce an inspiring atmosphere.

Centrally placed PARCS elements provide an attractive alternative to the personal workplace. The ensemble and its high feel-good factor offer both space for informal communication, teamwork and interaction, as well as for privacy and work that requires concentration.

Partitioning was guided by the idea of full transparency. Modern meeting and conference rooms with the latest technology, as well as specific workstations, are divided from Open Space and amplify the sense of openness that shapes the office. Moreover, GE is now equipped for future growth thanks to Hot Desks that ensure the required flexibility.