Handelsblatt Media Group

Address: Toulouser Allee 27, 40211 Dusseldorf, Germany

Sector: Creative & Media

Year: 2019

Office planning: Bene GmbH

A place for high quality business journalism – digital, innovative and international

The new premises for the Handelsblatt Media Group in Düsseldorf features 220 workstations, plenty of scope for creativity, and numerous options for meetings. This major project used a wide range of Bene products to create an environment that meets all the requirements of modern styles of work.

The design is characterised by clear, sleek lines with no fuss or clutter: black, white and grey are the dominant colours. Individual accents in orange, the company’s corporate identity colour, bring a lively freshness to the interiors. The sunny yellow of the upholstery on the SETTLE sofa elements creates a friendly atmosphere for relaxed meetings. The office reflects the unmistakable style of the company – not just visually, but also in its versatility.

In the media sector, people spend a lot of time sitting at their desks. That’s true here, too, although there are other options as well. Workstations furnished with the Lift Desk Pure mean that desk work can be done either sitting or standing. That keeps both body and mind moving. Neat fronts and plenty of storage space are provided by the K2 storage system and the robust KX system, combined in an elegantly simple design. CT Pedestals are the ideal match for well-organised storage. Important documents can be kept safely here, and the emergency chocolate bar is always in easy reach.

At least as important as concentrated work are meetings, discussions and creative exchange. Numerous spaces and zones throughout the Handelsblatt offices offer perfect settings for these. The PARCS Causeway with its upholstered benches and practical pop-up stools is a good place to meet up. Smaller groups can retreat to the American Diner, a compact break-out area where up to 6 people can chat in privacy. There are traditional meeting rooms too. Less traditional, but all the more flexible, is PIXEL by Bene. These boxes can be arranged to make tables, stools, benches or even tiered seating, depending on what configuration is needed at the time.

About Handelsblatt Media Group

Handelsblatt Media Group is the leading media company for economic and financial news in Germany. This international media group employs 1,000 people and reaches 2 million readers every day – independent business journalism, on paper or tablet, printed and digital high quality business journalism.