Hogeschool, Gent

Address: Geraard de Duivelstraat 5, 9000 Gent, Belgium

Sector: Education, Training & Research

Year: 2020

Office planning: Bene GmbH

All-round excellence

HOGENT is the largest university of applied sciences and arts in Flanders. With eight schools in Ghent and Aalst, in the Flemish part of Belgium, it offers a wide range of programmes preparing students for an exciting future. A new campus location was added just at the end of last year, in Ghent. 

The building’s external form is neat and linear, and only the curved entrance gives any hint of the interior design. On the inside, rounded shapes are everywhere. Stairways, steps, skylights etc., – everything is curved! From the light fittings to the PARCS Pop-up Stools from Bene. These are light, comfortable and easy to move around, so they can be repositioned quickly to wherever they are needed next. With their bright orange tops they add lively accents to what is otherwise a subtle, pale colour scheme.

Thanks to Bene’s wide and versatile range of products, the concepts that work well in offices all over the world are also ideal for an educational setting: at HOGENT, TIMBA Tables create an inviting place for relaxed, informal discussions. And Delta Workbenches provide plenty of space for concentrated study. So it’s the perfect all-round design concept for this prestigious university, creating an environment where students can enjoy learning – for life and for their future careers.

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