Hyrock AG

Address: Neuhofstrasse 8, 8834 Schindellegi, Switzerland

Sector: Accountancy services

Year: 2022

Office planning: Bene GmbH

Creating a home inside an office with PORTS by Bene

Designer Iria Degen worked with Bene’s Swiss team to create Hyrock AG’s new headquarters. A collaboration bursting with ideas and concepts brought about a contemporary workplace setting that is functional, refined and comfortable. Bene’s PORTS collection and RG walls made entirely of glass are staged incredibly well here.

Boasting three complementary premium product lines, PORTS stands for inspiring and productive collaboration and covers all the requirements of modern working: comfortable break-out areas that, thanks to a panel, allow the individual to retreat without feeling cut-off. The accompanying PORTS Active Chair allows you to sit in a relaxed position or concentrate on your work in an active sitting position. The swivel table adds the finishing touch to the break-out area.

PORTS Storage serves as a room-dividing element. It consists of both shelves and storage space and helps separate different areas in a semi-transparent way. And the height-adjustable, elegant PORTS Table is perfect for holding informal meetings around.

The tables at the various workstations are also height-adjustable. LEVEL Lift Twin & Twin Pure promote communication and teamwork while either sitting or standing. This double workstation solution impresses with its minimalist design and tidy look.

Nothing disturbs the clear, elegant appearance or the harmonious atmosphere of this office. The RG walls made entirely of glass also reinforce this concept – they are modest in form, structure the space, but still leave it wide open.

This overall minimalism, as well as the muted, dark colours and abundance of textiles make the office both an elegant and cosy. A feel-good environment that promotes togetherness and yet leaves enough space for the individual. Like a perfect home, only its an office!

About the company:

Hyrock AG is an independent mortgage expert for sophisticated private and institutional clients in Switzerland. At the Zurich, Schindellegi and Geneva locations, clients receive personal and objective advice.