Address: Breitwiesergutstraße 10, 4020 Linz, Austria

Sector: Consulting

Year: 2020

Office planning: Bene GmbH

Sustainability on all levels

Healthier working conditions for all employees in an office they can feel good in! This was the declared goal of Philipp Kaufmann, co-owner of KaBB GmbH in Linz and co-founder of the Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate (ÖNIG). The company headquarters were renovated according to ecologically sustainable criteria. Both ancient natural building materials such as clay and state-of-the-art technology such as heating and cooling walls were used. When furnishing the office KaBB chose a company for which sustainability is also high on the list of priorities: Bene.

Bene has a long tradition of thinking and acting ecologically, economically and socially. Sustainability is thought of holistically and encompasses all corporate areas, from product development to purchasing, production and logistics, right through to product recycling. Bene focuses on resource-saving production, short delivery routes and regional sourcing of raw materials. All Bene products are Made in Europe and 98 percent of all Bene suppliers are from Europe. 

Some of these Bene products can also be found in the new KaBB office, where space for concentration, communication and collaboration has been created in different settings. The Workbench offers plenty of space to work and an uncomplicated way to exchange ideas. Thanks to integrable table panels, the privacy of the individual is not neglected despite the proximity to each other. In the CT containers, directly under the desks, documents and personal utensils can be easily stored and quickly retrieved. The modular and versatile STUDIO shelf offers even more storage space and sufficient storage area.

The swivelling PARCS Wing Chair with its matching, small, comfortable pop-up stools is a cosy place to meet. An RG Loft in industrial style acts as a decorative room divider, so that you are neither disturbed nor distracting here.
The plan to create a sustainable feel-good office that is also beautiful and functional has been a huge success for KaBB!

About the company:

KaBB advises, accompanies and participates in exciting, innovative business ideas and leads them to market maturity. KaBB stands for "Kaufmann beraten und beteiligen" (business advice and participation) and the name says it all. Since its founding, the company has participated in numerous projects, especially real estate projects. For example, KaBB was invested in REB II. In the real estate sector, the focus is on office and commercial buildings as well as shopping centres.

Photo credit: Andrea Hirsch