L’Oréal Brussels

Address: Avenue Charles Quint 584, 1082 Brussels, Belgium

Sector: Retail & Consumer goods

Year: 2012

Architect: Bureau Cerau, Design & Build, AOS Studley Brussels


With 27 brands, 70,000 employees in 130 countries, and EUR 20 billion in turnover, L’Oréal is one of the world’s most influential companies. Research and sustainable development are core principles for the cosmetics specialist.


The building where the new office is located was the first office park in Europe to be awarded a »very good« BREEAM certificate for sustainable design. The same exacting demands applied to the design of the office environment for about 300 employees. The result is a dynamic open-plan office that creates an extraordinary interactive environment with transparency and diversity.

Working with Bene, we created a uniquely diverse office environment that promotes communication and individuality in inspiring ways.

Brigitte Bekaert, Corporate & Media Communications Director