Larbig & Mortag

Address: Theodor-Heuss-Ring 23, 50668 Cologne, Germany

Sector: Property

Year: 2013


Since its foundation in 2008 the real estate company deals with office, trade and investment real estates. In 2012 Larbig & Mortag evolved into the biggest estate agent for office buildings in Cologne. By today they employ 12 people.


A layout adapted for work and communication processes, where you can feel comfortable and enable business to develop effectively—what Larbig & Mortag seek for their clients, is also the basis for their own offices’ interior planning. Bene was appointed as design and planning partner for the layout configuration. A clear aim from the beginning: a transparent, modern and innovative office world. Created as open space plan, the office was meant to be a living environment that offers the best surrounding with multiple areas to choose for every way of working and task—from individual work places to areas with living room atmosphere, retreat, or media supported conferences. In the lighting concept as well as in the spatial structuring the transparent walls and the use of daylight played a big role. Furthermore it incorporated intelligent acoustic solutions.

With Bene we have a very competent partneron board. One that we will truly recommend forfuture real estate projects.

Uwe Mortag, Managing Director