Leonardo & Co.

Address: 32 rue de Lisbonne, 75008 Paris, France

Sector: Banking, Financial services

Year: 2011


Recapitalised in 2006, this Italian company now has 9 offices across Europe and has gained an outstanding reputation as a respectable and proficient financial services provider.


Finding the optimum design and technology solutions for their new offices were the key criteria for this renowned financial expert. In addition, the »discretion« of its technology, the functionality and the user-friendliness were also important considerations. Bene successfully managed the project, from selecting the integrated multimedia to coordinating and completing the work.


  • AL Conference Table with projector box and projector
  • AL credenza with integrated screen
  • Bene’s MediaRoom package with invisible speakers (Exciter)
  • MediaPort, an intelligent product for power, data, video and audio signals. The on-screen button enables the customised activation of the selected input.
  • Bene iPad remote control
  • Cisco video conferencing equipment with integrated camera
Bene responded to our ambitious technical demands especially well. The media technology is fully concealed in the furniture, only becoming visible when needed.

Christine Tebbi, Office Manager