LiNKiT Cologne

Address: Im Mediapark 8, 50670 Cologne, Germany

Sector: Consulting

Year: 2012

Architect: Wilde Kutzner Teichert, Lüdenscheid


LiNKiT Consulting is a young consulting firm that specialises in process consulting and ERP systems solutions for the financial area. With a team of 30 employees at their locations in Cologne and Berlin, LiNKiT has been successfully providing consulting services to many companies, mainly in Germany, since 2008.


The new office is located at Cologne’s no. 1 business address: the Cologne Tower. By combining office units that were previously spread out over several floors one main goal was to optimise the communication structure. In addition, they wanted to make high-quality temporary workstations available to the consultants, most of whom have a mobile work style.

Together with Bene we created an office landscape that was completely user-oriented. Above all, the new Docklands were perceived as being very functional workstations.

Uli Müller, Managing Director