Living Tomorrow

Address: Indringingsweg 1, 1800 Vilvoorde, Belgium

Sector: Other Business & Consumer Services

Year: 2017

Office of the Future

What will our future be like? What lies ahead of us? How will we work? What will our work environments look like? These are the questions addressed by the latest office showroom at “Living Tomorrow” in Brussels, in collaboration with Bene. Here visitors can explore trends in the world of work, and their effects on office design. Creativity, innovative thinking, research and development, as well as collaborative skills and communication will become more central than ever to our working lives. New concepts, new furnishings and new layouts will be needed to suit these changing expectations.

In the “Office of the Future”, visitors can explore various different workplace settings. These include classic workstations in completely new forms. After all, most people spend the majority of their time in the office. So why shouldn’t we feel just as comfortable there as at home? Delta by Bene combines an appealing, friendly atmosphere with all the necessary functionality. Workbenches make efficient use of office space, while direct contact promotes collaboration and communication within teams and between them. In an open-plan office layout it is also important to create places of retreat: NOOXS Think Tanks provide space for privacy and focused work – either in a phone booth format or in larger versions with a PARCS Club Table and Mezzo chairs.

And why should we always sit down in the office? Delta High by Bene, fixed at standing height, and the LIFT Desk Twin – a double workstation with individually height adjustable functionality – make it possible to work standing up. This keeps the body in motion, allowing thoughts to flow and ideas to ignite.

The communication zones in the “Office of the Future” are created using upholstered furniture from the PARCS range and SETTLE sofasDOCKLANDS Dock-In Bays show what temporary workplaces in nonterritorial “bays” can look and feel like.

Ideas blossom best of all in inspiring surroundings. One such innovation space is the IDEA LAB, a flexible, creative setting furnished with PIXEL by Bene that can adapt quickly to any workshop situation. The digital IDEA WALL provides a technical framework for the creative flow, and captures the output from inspirational brainstorming sessions. IDEA Labs are the answer to megatrends such as digitalisation, big data and constantly accelerating change, which companies will need to respond to more than ever in the future. Creativity will be an indispensable asset and will need the right kind of environment.

About Living Tomorrow

Brussels-based Living Tomorrow is a platform which brings together leading businesses. Its research activities are focused on technical innovations which will affect people’s living and working conditions in the near future.

The partners in this research group joined forces to create new ideas and visions for the future. The resulting concepts are introduced and tested in the realistic environment of the demonstration platform, and eventually made available for a wide range of visitors to see and experience. Guests and visitors are guided through the showrooms where they experience a taste of the future, in themed areas including “Smart Home & Internet of Things“, “Health & Care”, “Retail, Smart Cities, Agriculture & Food“, and now also “Office”. Living Tomorrow first opened to the public in 1995. The complex attracts over 150,000 visitors annually and hosts more than 300 events.