Livit AG

Address: Altstetterstrasse 124, 8048 Zürich, Switzerland

Sector: Property

Year: 2017

Go to work in the morning, sit at your desk all day and then leave in the afternoon? We haven't worked like that in a long time. Because talking with colleagues is becoming more and more important, and flexible work is the order of the day. This makes offices that promote interactivity increasingly in demand.

An example of this is the Livit-Haus in Zurich, where the fourth floor was recently redone. The focus of the project was on interaction, teamwork and flexibility. Now there are meeting areas that promote interdisciplinary cooperation. The idea of desk-sharing has also been integrated, allowing employees to freely choose their workstation every day. Overall a modern, cosy office landscape was created, which is characterised by a bright, friendly colour concept. The “view from the window” inspired the design. In addition to white, the concept is based on natural, earthy tones. At the same time, it includes fresh, colourful accents: red and orange tones represent dynamism, and therefore Livit. Gentle sky blue and sea green accents bring a touch of nature and peace to the spaces. Aside from the choice of colour, the new lighting system and the clever combination of materials create a comfortable atmosphere to work in. In keeping with the desired feel-good ambience, the client and furnishers opted for wood in the interaction zones, which creates a comfortable ambience. Comfortable is also the best word to describe the library, where people can also relax from time to time.