L’Oréal Moscow

Address: Yakimanskyi lane, 6, Moscow, Russian Federation

Sector: Retail & Consumer goods

Year: 2012

Architect: UNK projects

Office planning: Bene Moscow


L’Oréal is the global market leader in cosmetics. The company, which is rich in tradition, is present in 130 countries and has some 69,000 employees. L’Oréal has been active in Russia since 1990, where it has more than 1,000 employees.


The L’Oréal Academy in Moscow was designed to be a comprehensive training and evaluation centre. The project consisted of the complete furnishings, as well as custom installations and all dividing walls. The special functional requirements of both the office and the professional training area had to be met, whilst providing a stylish environment. The colour, form and material concept create a variety of different spaces, each drawing on the company’s core ideas: beauty, innovation, diversity. The goal was to create an office that had character, was inspiring and also remained discreet. This unusual office project was the first of its kind in Moscow due to its special focus, and required major organisational expertise in order to achieve the best possible results.

The perfectly designed rooms are the embodiment of innovation and professionalism—with a unique look. By fulfilling the specific requirements, we create the best conditions for providing constructive training.

Ilya Brezhnev, Head of Common Services