Lufthansa IOCC

Address: Flughafen Frankfurt am Main, IOCC, Airportring, 60549 Frankfurt, Germany

Sector: Transportation

Year: 2015

Architect: Pielok Marquardt Architekten Planungsgesellschaft mbH


Lufthansa’s Integrated Operations Control Center (IOCC) unites traffic control with the coordination of ground functions at Lufthansa’s hub in Frankfurt.

The core task of the IOCC is on the one hand the control of Lufthansa’s worldwide flight operations from and to Frankfurt with the approximately 200 aircraft stationed there. In its Frankfurt hub alone, Lufthansa recorded approximately 38 million passengers in 2014, 74 per cent of these were transit passengers. The IOCC is also responsible for the control and optimisation of passenger streams in the Frankfurt hub and the monitoring and disposition of ground handling. Furthermore, in case of irregularities, it provides assistance for Lufthansa passengers.

The construction of the IOCC is an essential building block in the Lufthansa project “Future Ops Control”, which optimises internal processes, IT and the infrastructure of the control of Lufthansa operations.


The enormous size of the IOCC (2,550 square metres/160 workstations) required sophisticated planning of the factors acoustics, light, ergonomics and indoor climate. Required was an open space solution which with high density and space efficiency should offer a first-class work environment with atmosphere – and this around the clock.

Due to the 24-hour operation, several employees share a workstation. For the 160 employees per shift, the personal lockers offer space for personal storage.

For the workstations, quality and functionality were essential. They were supposed to exploit the economy of an open space and at the same time be functional and offer high-quality ergonomics. With T-Lift desks, height-adjustable tables, and the CUBE_S workstation system, solutions were found that provide benefits, especially in open space areas. Thanks to the modular CUBE_S system, employees have space-efficient workstations that are nevertheless well-protected and individual.

With the NOOXS wall system, Bene created an intelligent space organisation in the open space, one that also absorbs sound. Two think tanks offer employees the opportunity to retreat as well as acoustic screening.

The entire work environment was supposed to be designed in a consciously classic manner and exude pleasant peace. In the common areas, colour accents in blue tones provide some contrast.

The result is a functional and modern office which offers the appropriate concentration and action space for quick, complex decisions and concentration.

Creating an operations control centre for an airline in time, in scope and below budget requires that which we have come to expect of Bene: Solution expertise combined with passion. I am pleased that in Bene I had a partner for this project on whom I could rely 100%.

Dr. Christian Pöselt, Manager Projekt Future Operations Control